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Three Little Pigs plays December 16th

Three Little Pigs by Deb and Arnie Johnston, directed by Sarah E MacLean plays at KNAC 315 W. Michigan Ave. Kalamazoo, MI on December 16th at 6 pm. The show is free and will be ASL interpreted!

With music by Hal Hobson and pianists Brent Decker and Deb Phillips

Sound Effects by Gary Browne and Grey Grooters

Come see the following and get ready to laugh!

Announcer/Anthony Lupo Wolf - Jacob Burrell

Narrator - Earlene McMicheal

Pigsquale & King Rex - Michael Waldschlager II

Porkscilla & Queen Regina - Pam Clark

JR - Rick Fontaine

Piganini - Tim Hill

Porksia & Red Riding Hood - Jen Hebben

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