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About All Ears Theatre

Please consider your gift to support Radio Theatre!


Without theatrical sets, costumes or props, All Ears Theatre performances are nevertheless highly physical and very entertaining. Positive word of mouth about the performances has ensured that our audience grows every year. After watching the performance, audiences can make the experience complete by hearing the plays when they’re broadcast.



A season involves some 100 actors, musicians, directors, sound technicians, writers and administrators. Our productions involve experienced actors and crew as well as novice entertainers. 



Sound effects play a crucial role in All Ears Theatre radio shows. Everyday sounds are reproduced using fans, saws, sandbags — whatever it takes. When you come to an All Ears Theatre production, be sure to keep an eye on the sound effects crew to see how they help make these radio plays come alive.

Attention Scriptwriters!

All Ears Theatre is dedicated to fostering new talent behind the scenes as well as on the air. Each season features works that are newly written or adapted for radio theatre. If you are interested in submitting a script please email us at

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Our Team Behind-the-Scenes

Laura Kay Henderson - Executive Director/Executive Producer

Jen Hebben - Board Member/Producer

Michael Ray Helms - Board Member/Producer

Beth McCann - Board Member

Salina Johnson - Board Member

Glynis Fenn - Board Member

Bill Craft - Board Member

Hal Hobson - Music Coordinator & Composer

Our Mission

All Ears Theatre believes in making quality audio-plays accessible to all, while providing opportunities for local talent and supporting artist sustainability.

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