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Feb 18: Caught Up in the Circle of Life

Caught Up in the Circle of Life by Buddy Hannah plays February 18th at 6 pm at KNAC (315 W. Michigan Ave. Kalamazoo, MI). The show is directed by Marissa Danielle Harrington and is produced by Jen Hebben, Michael Ray Helms and Laura Kay Henderson. Sound engineering is provided by Sound Solutions and Kalamazoo Recording.

The show stars:

Jacob Burrell as Joshua Larson

Jimmie Wright as Titus Gordon

Mickey Sykes as Rev. Douglas Swain

Zaynee Miller as Megan Blair

Nikki Dobos as Amanda Larson

Jen Hebben as Musician/Singer

Dr. Shealin Shobowale-Benson as Det. Fiona Collins

Sound Effects:

Gary Browne

Sarah E. MacLean

Play Overview: Caught Up In The Circle Of Life takes a look at how our lives sometimes intertwine with others, how secrets are sometimes kept from even those we love, and how what we sometimes see is not what it really is.

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